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The Value of Independence

When we speak of value at SAX, we mean the value that comes to you from a relationship with us. Because SAX is not a captive agent to any carrier, we have every carrier to choose from to address your specific needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our record and standing in the industry is so advanced, that unlike other agents, who depend on wholesalers, we have direct access to every major carrier.

Education, Not Selling

At SAX, we can’t overstate the importance of education. When a prospect or a room full of prospects comes before us, our mission is to educate. People don’t know what they don’t know. Our goal is always to make everyone with whom we come in touch thoroughly aware of all the possibilities. We can do this without restriction because we have direct access to every carrier in the nation. That’s why SAX has the freedom to consider its primary role to be that of an insurance industry educator. 

One Risk at a Time

We treat every client need, whether for personal or commercial insurance, as complex and detailed, and best addressed by a tailored response. At SAX, we assess and address each risk, one at a time, bringing into play the best carrier for each risk, combining them into a package that meets all your requirements, without compromise. Insurance is about preparedness and the balanced anticipation of outcomes. No one navigates the waters of these areas of expertise better than SAX.

24-Hour Availability

A relationship with SAX extends to every hour of the day or night, as needed. This is true should a crisis arise or just in the normal course of business as questions come up.  You will have a team assigned to your account. We’re always here for you.

The Time Factor

Consider a building, for example, whether commercial or residential. Our portfolio of clients is filled with hundreds of buildings, including stadiums and theatrical venues. A building may be made of brick and steel, housing the most modern systems to meet water, electrical and other needs. It should be engineered to withstand the most stressful challenges. One of its essential, invisible systems is insurance preparedness – the SAX specialty — extending from the building to the association to the board to the management company to building personnel and beyond. And when we say beyond, we mean best practices in all areas, and beyond.

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