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Comprehensive Insurance for Your Unique Needs One Risk at a Time

SAX Insurance Agency was founded 20 years ago to meet the specific insurance needs of Residential and Commercial Associations. The company has evolved to service other large commercial entities, such as Restaurant Franchises, Franchisees, Hotels, Assisted Living Centers and Sporting Venues.

We currently provide service to clients in six western US states: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, and Nevada.

Each risk we cover is treated individually — as a separate risk. Our staff of agents is independent. We work in a wide range of markets with a diverse stable of the world’s most respectable carriers. Our unique expertise is in how we align the right carrier with the right risk. 

Direct Access is the key that opens the door. Because of our scale, unlike other insurance agencies, SAX works directly with these and other carriers: Affiliated FM (the largest property insurance company in the world), Philadelphia Insurance, Nationwide, Travelers, Liberty Mutual, HDI Global, WCPP, CNA, Great American, Zurich and many other companies that have tailored policies for the HOA Marketplace.

Demetrios Xanthos

Founder, CEO and Chief Educator

Demetrios comes from solid stock. The descendant of Greek immigrants who brought with them to this country a highly developed work ethic and a belief in education that remain the drivers behind the success that SAX and its clients enjoy to this day.

Before opening SAX, Demetrios got his legs and made his mark in the corporate world, selling insurance to Fortune 500 companies, including some of the largest contracts ever advanced. In keeping with the beliefs of his forebears, Demetrios put his stock in education, making education the basis of the SAX Insurance Agency offering. Making people aware of the possibilities in a thorough, coherent way became the formula for progress at SAX, which continues to expand. Demetrios is a highly regarded insurance industry educator, invited to give seminars throughout the country.

Mimi Cortes

Director of Marketing and Client Engagement

Mimi Cortes is an expert at making connections and keeping them alive. Before the pandemic hit, she managed the company’s live events, something she was able to translate with success into the virtual world. For eleven years prior to joining SAX, Mimi managed a landscaping company with the same kind of large condominium and housing association clients that make up a major sector of SAX business. The parallel applies. Landscaping is all about keeping living things in order, keeping them alive and keeping them growing. This is Mimi’s invaluable contribution to SAX and its clients. 

Cheryl Grell​

Director of Client Services

Cheryl is on the front line every day, interacting with clients, carriers and vendors alike.  She manages onboarding for new clients and renewals for existing clients. Her day is made up of constant interaction. When you become a SAX Insurance client, Cheryl will be the one to guide you through all of the processes and paperwork that come into play. If there is a claim, an insurance event, or just a question, she is the one who will be there for you. 

Property management changes. Companies grow. Needs become more specific. Cheryl manages the engagement between SAX, the client and the carrier. It’s an ongoing, day-in, day-out process and Cheryl has the experience to keep it all on track.

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