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Insurance Specialties at SAX Insurance Agency

At SAX, we know that no two communities are the same. Our independent approach means that we tailor each community’s offering. We treat each risk separately, matching the right risk with the right carrier. Our independence creates value for you.   


Policy Coverages for Condominium Associations features:

At SAX, we never forget that an association is much more than a collection of buildings. It’s also made up of people. Specifically written for Homeowner Associations, the Directors & Officers Liability coverage we offer extends to choice of counsel. Coverage includes the management company, board members, the association entity, committee members, volunteers, and employees.

High-Rise / Mid-Rise / Mixed Use

Buildings come in all sizes, and in different architectural styles.  So does coverage when you get it from SAX. Insurance needs to fit like a glove or a well-tailored dress suit. At SAX, we can make the promise of a good fit every time because our independence allows us to draw upon multiple carriers to address your needs.   

Policy Coverages for High-Rise / Mid-Rise / Mixed Features:

Planned Unit Developments (PUD)

As a preferred broker for many insurance agencies, we have developed a specific PUD program that offers comprehensive property liability packages addressing the unique coverage requirements of single-family homeowners associations. “Unique” is our favorite word.  At SAX, we understand that your needs are unique. So is our response every time.

Policy for Planned Unit Developments (PUD) Features:

Commercial Parks and Condos

Independence has its rewards, and the rewards go to you.  As an independent agency, SAX has the capability to tailor your association insurance offering. We analyze the risk and align it with the best carrier and coverage available.     

Policy for Commercial Parks and Condos Features:

Assisted Living Centers

Assisted Living Centers are all about caring and nurturing. SAX Insurance Agency cares about freeing you from worry so that you can offer the maximum attention to those in your care.

Eligible Accounts:

  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Independent living facilities
  • Continuing care retirement communities
  • Both for-profit and not-for-profit facilities from single locations to larger long-term care organizations with multiple locations
  • Account must have at least 20 beds

Policy Features:

  • Primary professional liability is written on a claims-made basis in all states.
  • Will write primary and excess (supported or unsupported).
  • Primary general liability written on a claims-made basis.

Additional insuring agreements include:

  • Evacuation expense reimbursement
  • Public relations reimbursement
  • Resident property coverage
  • Employee benefits liability coverage
  • Coverage for punitive damages where allowable by law
  • Coverage for physical and sexual abuse

Special features:

  • Standard form is defense outside the limit; it can be moved inside for a premium credit
  • Workers’ compensation coverage is available through APU’s AmeriComp Healthcare program.
  • Complementary risk management services for policyholders can help your clients reduce risks and avoid professional liability litigation.
  • Value-added service offered through OmniSure Consulting Group.
  • Experienced team of clinical risk management specialists available to support your clients.
  • Confidential helpline for advice on-demand.

Franchisor/Franchisee Restaurants

There are certainly benefits to franchise ownership. To begin, you have the backing of an established corporation to guide you in your journey. But as with every venture, there are also risks. Let SAX Insurance Agency be your guide. Take certain measures on your own to protect your investment and be protected from day one:

Public Liability

If you’ll welcome customers or clients into a store or onto your premises, such as you would with most restaurant franchises, you must have public liability insurance. This coverage protects against slip and fall accidents, or any other event that could cause bodily injury or property damage.


Your employees might not be covered under the public liability insurance. In this case, you will need separate insurance to protect your staff while they’re at work.

Food Spoilage

If you have any type of inventory for your business, it’s a good idea to insure it against any loss or damage. This is especially true if damaged goods could cause you to close your doors until new inventory or equipment arrives.

Property Damage

If you invest in a property for your franchise, you’ll need to ensure the building where your business is housed stays in proper working order. Property damage insurance protects you in case of flood, fire, smoke, vandalism, and more.

Employment Practices

If you hire any employees to work in your franchise, you need to protect yourself from any claims an employee might file. This can include claims such as wrongful dismissal or any type of harassment in the workplace.

Auto Insurance

If you have delivery trucks or use your personal vehicle for your business, it’s important to protect it while it’s on the road. You should have auto insurance coverage for all motor vehicles used to do business on a regular basis.

Business Interruption

If your business has to shut down because of any type of accident, from vandalism to complete destruction of your property, you won’t just be out the money it takes to get back up and running, you’ll be out the revenue you would’ve earned if your doors had been open. Business interruption insurance helps you get a portion of those earnings back, so you don’t fall too far behind.

Are You Covered?

There are many factors that go into deciding which type of insurance you need when opening a franchise. Talk to your franchisors about the best insurances to get for your business model. Then, get those insurances before you break ground or open your doors, so you’re sure you’re protected from day one.

Hotel & Sports Venues

There are nuances to managing facilities where the population is in flux, whether a hotel or a large sports venue. SAX Insurance Agency has the experience, know-how and flexible understanding to match the right carriers to the right needs whether the overriding goal for your guests is a game that lasts a few hours or a comfortable stay for days.  

The Hospitality and Sports Venue industry faces many challenges. SAX offers products to address the specific requirements of this industry. Drawing on extensive carrier power and years of experience, we offer: 


We provide clients and organizations of all sizes coverage to help protect against data breaches and other fast-evolving cyber exposures.

Management & Professional Liability

We guarantee our valued clients insurance policies that fit their unique responsibilities and exposures – whether they’re a private, public, nonprofit or a financial institution.

Environmental & Contractors Professional Practice

SAX Insurance offers broad coverage to protect contractors against professional and pollution liability risks resulting from professional acts, errors or omissions.

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